Logistics Opportunities


In a world where control of the supply chain is required for competitive advantage, it is imperative to understand and manage the logistics support of that supply chain. 


Whether it is the supply chain elements, properly calculated and managed inventories, proper storage techniques, transportation systems analysis, or a better understanding of reverse logistics solutions, there are many techniques for reducing the cost of logistics. Hawks Logistics, inc. can help you develop and implement the tactical or strategic changes for your corporation as you are ready for them.


Battles and wars have been lost through poor logistics.  When engulfed in a competitive battle, logistics is the place to seek strategic advantage.  Increased sales, especially through price reduction, seldom provide the same benefits or boost to the bottom line.



Logistics Concepts

Amateurs talk strategy.  Professionals talk Logistics


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Where are the obvious places to look for that advantage?

Inventory management is a good place to start.  Do you know what your inventory costs are?  Are your warehousing efforts efficient? Are you unnecessarily handling your products or raw materials?  Do you have a JIC (Just-In-Case) inventory management system or is it based on sound business practices?  Have you reviewed your supply chain to reduce the inventory costs in the chain?  Have you reviewed your own inventory and streamlined it to provide efficiency?


Supply chain integration is a fancy name for looking at your suppliers and customers and determining where the competitive advantages can be developed.  This may go hand-in-hand with inventory management. Here you ask not only, “Is my logistics program as efficient as my competition’s?” but also, “Is my supply chain as efficient as my competition’s?”   Your suppliers could be the same as your competitors. Your management of your supply chain could be the competitive advantage you seek.


Transportation systems are the links in the supply chain.  And, for the existing chain, perhaps the easiest to evaluate.  But what competitive edge can be made through the transportation system?  Can a change mean larger competitive marketing opportunities?  Does it mean more global sales?  Are you asking the right questions and requiring the right performance from your carriers? Are your measurement tools in place for success?


Reverse logistics is a growing concept that logistics encompasses a cradle to grave effort including the returns for repair or replacement.  Wastes are costly so are returns.  Reverse logistics situations should be identified, measured and controlled if not eliminated.  The return on giving attention to reverse logistics is usually high because it has often been ignored and, of course, these savings, like all logistics savings, go directly to the bottom line.