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Fully-Compliant Hazardous Materials Transportation

Hazardous materials transportation is highly regulated and requires extensive training. Hawks Logistics, inc. provides complete solutions tailored for your business.


Training is the law. All your employees must be HAZMAT trained in order to transport hazardous materials. Failure to train and maintain records results in costly fines. We provide the training required by the US 49 CFR, the International Maritime Organization (IMDG), and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) technical instructions.


Get the compliance report without the fines! We inspect your whole company or a particular location to help you stay completely compliant with the hazardous materials regulations.

Frustrated Cargo

Frustrated cargo causes hassle and loses your company money. We provide a range of solutions that get your products moving. We travel throughout the world for you, solving problems fast. Sometimes your exporting vendors need help packaging, marking, labeling, or documenting your freight. At other time your product might be stuck at a border or a port for inspection. If necessary, we travel to the location and determine the real issue to get your cargo moving as quickly as possible.


Preventative measures make it easier for you to stay compliant and make your life more pleasant. We write and implement procedures in accordance with ISO standards.


If hazardous materials are new to you, or if you face new requirements, good planning is essential. We help you:

  • Develop Procedures for Packaging
  • Develop Shipping Papers
  • Select Carriers
  • Obtain Special Permits
  • Handle DOT Registration
  • Train Personnel on New Materials & Procedures
Hazardous Materials Transportation

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