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Well-Planned Operational Development

Achieve your goals with well-planned operational development. Hawks Logistics, inc. helps you develop your logistics program with emphasis on strategic planning, operations, training, implementation, and measurement.

Project & Procedures

Strategic planning sets the scope for program development. This phase of development identifies what you want to accomplish and determines how you will measure those accomplishments.

Operational Development

Operations sometimes have to change due to environmental factors or simply because they are not accomplishing their goals. The strategic plan identifies the required changes and how to successfully implement them. Operational development from a "new" strategic direction is often called re-engineering.

Well-Planned Operational Development


Training can be as simple as telling people what is expected of them and how to use the tools provided, or it can be a more complex event requiring skill development. The scope of training is determined by the skill set of the personnel and the objective of the operation. We will assist with the assessment of your needs and develop the training requirements for all levels.


Implementation is simply putting the change into action. Every change has to be understood by all parties involved, whether it be:

  • Developing Procedures
  • Changing Transportation Modes
  • Opening a New Warehouse or Distribution Center

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