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Training Live-on Line

Hawks Logistics, inc is offering Live-on-Line Hazardous Materials Training. The training includes a live instructor to answer your questions as they arise. Yet, it does not include the expenses of travel. Prerequisite for the student:

  • Must have a computer with internet access.
  • Must have access to the regulation during the training.

All classes have a morning training session for east coast locations and an afternoon session for west coast locations.

  • East coast class begins at 0800 and ends at 1200 CST.
  • West coast classes begin at 1400 and end at 1800 CST.

The 49 CFR (BASIC) class is on Mondays and Tuesdays. Both days are required. 

Live Online

The Air (ICAO) class is on Wednesday, and the IMDG class is on Thursday. Friday is for recurrent training. Students must have the 49CFR course before the Air or IMDG course. Students must enroll 2 weeks before the class so that materials may be sent to the student prior to the class.

49 CFR







Map of Live Online Training









Class Date Fee Enroll By
49 CFR 9/30 & 10/1 $225.00 9/13
AIR 10/2 $125.00 9/13
IMDG 10/3 $125.00 9/13
RECURRENT 10/4 $125.00 9/13
49 CFR 12/2 & 12/3 $225.00 11/22
AIR 12/4 $125.00 11/22
IMDG 12/5 $125.00 11/22
RECURRENT 12/6 $125.00 11/22

There is a $30 penalty for withdrawing from a class after the “enroll by” date. This is to cover printing and mailing.

*Live-on-line Training*
*On Your Schedule*
*The Latest Expert Information*
*Less Expense*
*No Travel For Trainer Or Trainee*


Once You have registered for the class, you will RECEIVE an invoice for the training in an invitation to attend the training session

If you have any questions, please contact: (844) 295-1817