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Rail-Road Tracks
Duane P Fund

Duane Pfund, DOT International Standards Coordinator provided interesting insight into rule-making and user participation.

The LabelMaster Dangers Goods Instructors’ Symposium was a huge success again this year. It is always good to meet with others in the industry and discuss what is happening in their specific area of expertise. LabelMaster seems to always get the right speakers and attendees to make this both educational and enjoyable. The symposium provides not only the updates to the regulations as they are today but also some insight into changes that are forthcoming. I will be providing some of the information from the symposium in later notes. However, one of the items that continue to arise is the lack of attention that freight forwarders give to dangerous goods. This matter was brought out by two speakers and was mentioned as a “blackhole” by a DOT regulator.

The 49 CFR in § 171.1 (b) (9) indicates that reviewing a shipping paper to verify compliance with the HMR or international equivalents is a pre-transportation function. Paragraph (b) reminds us that the regulations in the HMR apply to persons who pre-transportation functions. Therefore, the regulations apply to freight forwarder who in the course of offering freight from the shipper to a carrier are required to review the shipping papers. To do otherwise, is simply gross negligence.

Because of this new interest an emphasis on freight forwarders as offers, Hawks Logistics Inc. has developed training especially designed to cover the general awareness and functions that the freight forwarder should know. Even if DOT did not increase its inspections of freight forwarders, this class would help ensure the timely movement of dangerous goods handled by freight forwarders.

IRPT Organization

In the past year, IRPT’s efforts have increased dramatically, thanks to our growing staff. We now offer so many resources, including (please click on each to learn more):

Interactive port/terminal map: including member locations, capabilities, connectivity, etc.
Career Opportunities and interactive map
Federal Register updates
Funding opportunity updates
Advocacy efforts in Washington
Education opportunities for river, rail, logistics and supply chain
Facility expansion alerts and so much more!

Label Master Logo

LabelMaster conducted a fantastic symposium again this year. While there we had the opportunity to preview some of the changes that are forthcoming in the new regulations. Speakers provided insight into why some of the changes occurred. The new regulations should start coming out in October and November of this year. You may go to their website and preorder them now.

National Waterways Conference

The National Waterways Conference, established in 1960, is the leading national organization to advocate for funding and common sense policies and laws that recognize the widespread public benefits of our nation’s water resources infrastructure. Membership includes waterways shippers and carriers, flood control associations, levee boards, port authorities, industry and regional associations, dredging contractors, water supply districts, hydropower producers, engineering consultants, and state and local governments.

By fairly representing the multiple users of water resources, NWC has earned the respect and credibility of decision-makers in Congress and the Administration and is the leading voice in policy and advocacy.  It is great to work with Amy and the conference to ensure our water resources infrastructure continues to be developed as it should.


Check the Box is a public awareness campaign that seeks to prevent serious incidents by increasing the public’s awareness of everyday items which are considered hazardous materials and require specific classification, packaging, marking, and labeling to ship safely.

The Hawks of Hawks Logistics, inc will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year. Because of their celebration, there will be no live online training scheduled for September.

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