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It has been brought to my attention that there seems to be some misunderstanding in two areas of the hazardous materials regulation. One area of concern is that of the role of the importer of hazardous materials. In §171.22 regulation clearly states that the importer of hazardous material must provide the shipper, and the forwarding agent at the place of entry into the United States, timely and complete written instructions as to the requirements of this subchapter applicable to the particular shipment. The failure to do so, has a baseline (fine) assessment of between $1,800 and $9,300.

The other area of concern, is with the emergency response telephone number. Two items of mention here are: 1) if you use a service for your emergency response telephone number, you should include the contract number or other identification supplied by the service company, or the company that maintains the contract with the service company with the emergency response number. 2) Additionally, if you use a number from a service company, you should have a contract with that company clearly identifying that they are responsible for the actions required for the emergency response telephone number.

It has been a busy season with BUILD grants with DOT. As always, I enjoy participating in the development of these grants from DOT to upgrade the infrastructure within the United States. I only wish DOT could support even more grants.

BlyncSync Technologies is a startup company that is developing and improving systems to alert dispatchers when their drivers are falling asleep. I know from experience that hours of service is only an attempt and not a determination of the fatigue of a driver. In fact, while working for an LTL motor carrier, we found that drivers were often more fatigued after spending the weekend at home with their wife and children. If we are truly concerned about driver fatigue, we need to start relying on technologies such as those developed by BlyncSync.

IRPT Organization

Congratulations to the following newest Inland Port Executives:

Clayton Harris III, IMPE, Executive Director-Illinois International Port District;
Dave Murray, IMPE, Assistant Vice President-Watco Terminal and Port Services;
Peter Hirthe, IMPE Senior Trade Development Representative-Port Milwaukee;
Chief Kaleena Carpino, IMPE, Marine Science Technician, US Coast Guard;
Darren Melvin, IMPM, Hanson Marine Services;

Supriti Jaya Ghosh, IMPE, Senior Maritime Policy Advisor-US Committee on the Marine Transportation System;
Mark Walter, IMPE, Business Development Manager-Brown County Port and Resource Recovery Department, City of Greenbay, WI.

Label Master Logo The agenda for this year’s symposium is out and I am sure that it can be found on their website. Take a look at the agenda. This year’s symposium looks as impressive as the ones in the past. The Hawks Logistics attendees are looking forward to attending this fine symposium in Chicago.

National Waterways Conference The National Waterways Conference, established in 1960, is the leading national organization to advocate for funding and common sense policies and laws that recognize the widespread public benefits of our nation’s water resources infrastructure.  Membership includes waterways shippers and carriers, flood control associations, levee boards, port authorities, industry and regional associations, dredging contractors, water supply districts, hydropower producers, engineering consultants, and state and local governments.  
By fairly representing the multiple users of water resources, NWC has earned the respect and credibility of decision-makers in Congress and the Administration and is the leading voice in policy and advocacy.  It is great to work with Amy and the conference to ensure our water resources infrastructure continues to be developed as it should.

The Hawks of Hawks Logistics, inc will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year. Because of their celebration, there will be no live online training scheduled for September.

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