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Efficient Supply Chain Integration & Inventory Management

An efficient supply chain can transform your company. Hawks Logistics, inc. provides expert assistance with chain integration and inventory management.

A Competitive Advantage

Understanding, managing, and controlling your supply chain is essential for staying competitive. Battles and wars have been lost through poor logistics. In a competitive battle, logistics is the place to seek strategic advantage. Increasing sales, especially through price reduction, seldom provides the same benefits to your bottom line. 

Great Efficiency

There are many techniques for reducing the cost of logistic support for your supply chain. We implement tactical and strategic changes, including:

  • Properly Calculated & Managed Inventories
  • Proper Storage Techniques
  • Transportation Systems Analysis
  • Understanding of Reverse Logistics Solutions
Logistics Concepts

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is an excellent first step in improving your logistics. We help you:

  • Understand Inventory Costs
  • Make Your Warehousing Efforts More Efficient
  • Review Your Supply Chain to Reduce the Inventory Impact
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Handling of Products or Raw Materials
  • Review Your Own Inventory & Streamline It to Provide Efficiency
  • Base Your Inventory Management System on Sound Business Practices

Supply Chain Integration

Ensure that both your logistics and your supply chain operate efficiently. Your suppliers could be the same companies that supply your competitors and proper management could give you the advantage you seek. 

Transportation Systems

Transportation systems are the links in the supply chain. For an existing chain, these are the easiest elements to evaluate. Changing your transportation systems could mean larger competitive marketing opportunities or more global sales. By asking the right questions and setting the right requirements for your carriers, you could lay the groundwork for success.

Reverse Logistics

This growing concept in logistics encompasses a cradle-to-grave effort, including returns for repair or replacement. Reverse logistics can be very costly, so properly identifying, measuring, and controlling (or eliminating) them is essential. Giving proper attention to reverse logistics results in high returns, and those savings, like all logistics savings, go directly to the bottom line.

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